Welcome to Bait International Group

Our main business is concentrated in Saudi Arabia, Dubai UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Malaysia where we operate through some of the most leading companies working in the region.

We have so far managed to send abroad thousands of workers from Pakistan, who were expert in the trades such as professionals as Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Educators, Para-Medical staff, Agro Farming and Skilled /semi skilled workers for repair/maintenance and construction work, heavy equipment machinery, gardeners operators, electric installations at highest as well as lowest levels and unskilled labors and field workers.

The beginning of our History

Over the last 48 years our company has been constantly growing

We Bait International Group, Overseas Employment Promoters through a network of international Business of Executives, specialized consultants, experienced multi disciplined Engineers, and personnel are always available to assist and compliment your manpower needs whether you need them for construction, operation and maintenance of Building, Roads, camps, Airports, Hospital Centers, Ports, Power generation Plants, Refineries, Factories, and industrial operation etc.
Whatever varied your manpower requirements might be, we respectfully invite you to kindly consult our professional team, which we strongly believe would be able to meet your needs and conditions.
We can proudly claim that we are a professional company in manpower trade. We are staffed with professionals from different disciplines. For our manpower section, we have regular officers and members of the staff.


Our Performance

We have partner ecosystem built to deliver superior business value

We are in a position to meet with the demands of all types of workers which may be needed by you for your organization and can arrange their dispatch with the time frame given to us as soon as we are in receipt of the details of your actual requirements.
There has never been any complaint from any quarter about our performance. Our agency works under the guidance, working facilities and under order/Rules framed by our government to regulate our performance Our agency is a member of Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA). You can imagine the trust and confidence which POEPA has reposed on us to sort out problems of member overseas employment promoters in consultation with government departments concerned and for their overall welfare. We assure our clients to render the services of our best with dedication, precision and devotion.